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Business YETI is not your ordinary digital marketing and branding company. We believe that our B2B relationship is a marriage. We believe that we both have to give 100% to be successful. We won't brag you're our client, we won't brand our name all over your website or other marketing materials, and we will become your best silent partner.

Our pricing is simple where we add up all our costs, add $20 to it, and that's it. Our owner grew up in the '70s and believes in ''You earn it'' and not that you have to charge exorbitant prices. You can actually get a lot without having to pay a lot. We take it a step further and price lock you so your prices don't go up while you are on whatever plan you signed up for. Everything that we do has to have both (you and us) winning. If it cannot be a mutual win-win then we will not do it. We don't believe in hiding and truth (honesty) is at our core, actually our rule #1.

There are a few interesting things (of course there's a catch...). We won't sign up everyone that walks through the door. We have to know, at our core, that we can help your business grow. If after our ''first date'' (initial meeting) we don't think a long lasting marriage is in both of our futures where we both benefit we will help you find another digital marketing company that is able to fit your objectives.

If you feel you are a great company, that wants to grow, that is willing to not hand off your marketing to us and wash your hands on growing your business we would love to talk and learn more about your dream.


When it comes to marketing your business you need to be memorable, unique, and professional while also being bold, standing out, and constantly being agile to changing market conditions.
2016 Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly "Best Ad Agency for Web Design" in Northwest Indiana
Arbor Hill Inn of La Porte, Indiana
Brilliant Results Cleaning of Valparaiso, Indiana
Habitat for Humanity of Michigan City, Indiana
JSK Hospitality of South Bend, Indiana
Merrion Realty of Michigan City, Indiana
Main Street Theatre of Michigan City, Indiana
Vertex Improved Performance of Valparaiso, Indiana
Sullivan-Palatek of Michigan City, Indiana

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